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Host Reimbursement Policy



Note: Host reimbursement rates will vary by region. Please contact your local AHN office for the reimbursement rates applicable to you.

AHN hosts receive a weekly reimbursement fee for hosting an international student in their home. Weekly fees are paid directly to AHN by the student, AHN retains a small management fee to cover systems, student placement processing and management, and 24/7 critical support services and the remainder of the student fee is reimbursed to the host to assist with expenses associated with hosting. These fees may change at any time but will not change during any individual placement without prior notice.

Hosts will automatically be covered under the AHN arranged insurance policy by default and will pay for this cover through a deduction from their host payment of 50c per student/ per night. More information on insurance, including the claims process, can be found here http://www.homestaynetwork.org/about/homestay-insurance/. If a host has an existing insurance policy, they can apply to the AHN Insurance broker to have their policy reviewed.  If it is deemed equivalent coverage, the default AHN coverage will be removed.  

The term “weekly fee” is equivalent to 7 days. Student weekly fees and host reimbursements will be prorated based on a daily rate if a student’s stay does not span a full and complete 7 days.

The reimbursement fee is to cover the expenses associated with providing accommodations and meals in accordance with the meal plan purchased by and agreed to by the host family. Students are expected to prepare their own breakfast and\or lunch with food purchased by the host.  It is expected that a nutritious dinner prepared by the host 5 days a week will encourage regular conversation and interaction with your student.

Internet charges of up to $12.50 per week can be collected by the host from the student. No other fees should be collected by the host from the student.

Host reimbursement payments will be processed once every two weeks and after receipt of the weekly fee by AHN from the student. Hosts must mark the student as “arrived” on their profile to be eligible for payment.  AHN will then transfer the reimbursements to the host’s nominated bank account electronically on the next payment date after the student’s arrival.

AHN issue invoices to the student 2 weeks in advance and will send reminders as necessary to ensure payment is received on time. It is not the hosts responsibility to chase the student for payment however if a student falls behind with their fees AHN may ask the host to speak with the student to ensure they have received the invoice and assist them with processing payment if needed. AHN cannot pay the weekly fees to the host until the student has paid their fees to AHN.

Payment days for hosts in Australia are as follows:





All regions in Queensland


All regions in South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, ACT


This policy is subject to change at any time. AHN is not responsible for payments delayed because of a public holiday, natural disaster, or major system failure. AHN takes no responsibility for the retrieval of funds made to an incorrect bank account provided by a host.